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Rie Rasmussen - alias Fine Old Mrs. Rasmussen - born 1. march 1966 - 168 cm - 60 kg, sko-str. 37.

Political observance: ?
Religious observance: ?
Sexual Observance: !

Rie is our virgin Mary - her considerate and obliging nature stands in strong contrast to her rusty whisky-voice and her weakness for black leather. Many people who meet Rie in person won't believe that she is the same harsh old woman, that sings on our records. Others, who hear Rie sing, thinks she is a man. But Rie couldn't care less, just as long as she gets her royalties from SONY - and preferably quickly. She needs the money for her car, her house in Brønshøj, herself and her partner Kurt, and their two sons, Oliver and Viktor.

We in the orchestra do like Kurt - and that is rather strange. Normally the musicians in an orchestra don't like the female singers boy friends, because they try to hinder the musicians from seeing the female singers naked in the change room. They also try to get the musicians not to refer to the female singers as a herring, a foghorn or a screaming monkey, if their F sharp notes are out of tune. As a rule the female singers boy friends work as guards or roadies, and therefore they have larger muscles than the musicians - in other words that puts a really dreary dampener on the atmosphere in an orchestras changing room.

But Kurt is different. The fact is that Kurt, himself is a musician - and has played with among others Michael Falch. So of course Kurt understand the musicians language. Perhaps that is why we do like Kurt. Incidentally Kurt also has a twin brother, whose name is John, who looks like Kurt to a tee. Rie says that she can tell the difference between Kurt and John, but we can't, and Michael Falch couldn't either, therefore they both, just to be sure, played in Michael Falchs orchestra.

Rie has several times said to the rest of us, that she is capable of becoming furious and angry, but we have not seen this as yet. The only thing that can make Rie a little bit annoyed is , when her father asks, why Rie is never in the "Billed Bladet" magazine, when Ruth, our backing singer is always in "Billed Bladet" - that is when Ruth goes to film premieres with Maria Montrell. That is not good enough, thinks Rie's father - and then Rie becomes slightly annoyed - but as a rule she quickly cheers up again.

When Rie is to record a song in the studio, she can - in contrast to many other female vocalists - as a rule do it on the first take. Even so, when it always takes a longer time for Rie to record a song, it is because she has a very small bladder, which means she has to relieve herself every time she has sung one line. But that doesn't worry the rest of us - after all we have so many other activities to occupy us, when we are in the studio, which Rie isn't particularly interested in, for example, doing the football pools, dealing in shares, and going through the newspapers obituary column - plus of course the ice hockey results and the listing of the days bankruptcy auctions. Then when Rie is finished with the recording of a song, we all think that now it sounds like a real song, and that Rie has saved a half dreary melody from being discarded from the record. And then we are all happy.

Rie was included in "Danser med Drenge", because her friend, Charlie Jensen - a sound technician from Århus - had suggested that she should send a demo tape over to SONY. Therefore: Thank you Charlie.

Rie has written a little bit about herself:

"I grew up and went to school in Gladsaxe and moved with the family to Virum, while my older sister and I went to upper secondary school. ( Lyngby public school )

My musical carrier started here. After having performed sporadically in various school concerts and theatre pieces in the lower secondary school, I had acquired a taste for singing and performing. A couple of friends asked me if I wanted to take part in the schools spring concert. We selected a couple of Anne Linnet numbers and performed her songs with the help of a two boys from class. It went shiningly, and since then there wasn't a single musical arrangement held at the school, without the undersigned being a fixture on or about the stage. At the last concert before I graduated, I made my debut with my own number, and was hereafter determined to put together my own orchestra.

I formed "Rie-Band" in 1985 with a good friend, drummer Henning Neerskov. "Rie-Band" played intensively for 2 to 3 years, and was a sort of learning experience for all in the orchestra. Two twins also played in "Rie-Band", Kurt and John Poulsen, who later would show themselves to be the most important people in my private and musical life. Together with them and their brother we formed the orchestra "Venus". We had great ambitions, worked hard and also managed to produce a pair of singles, but we never managed to break through, so after 4 years we disbanded  the orchestra and decided to try our luck 

After a period of time with searching and guidance, fate would have it that we nearly all continued in exiting projects. I joined the fantastic and unbelievable ( cough...cough ) orchestra "Danser med Drenge", and Kurt and John now play with Michael Falch.

In the meantime I had taken a course as a technical assistant and after the exam got a job as a computer operator [electronic data processor co-worker ? :-) ] in the "Geoteknisk Institut". I worked during the day and played music during the evenings and nights - but when in 1994 I joined "Danser med Drenge" I could see that it was necessary to resign from "Geoteknisk Institut". Since then the time has been occupied with the orchestra - recordings, concerts and other musical and personal challenges."

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